13 November. The Hundred Thousand Martyrs of Tbilisi (†1227)

Memory 13 November The Hundred Thousand Martyrs of Tbilisi (†1227) In 1227 Sultan Jalal al-Din of Khwarazm and his army of Turkmen attacked Georgia. On the first day of the battle the Georgian army valorously warded off the invaders as they were approaching Tbilisi. That night, however, a group of Persians who were living in … [Read more…]

Venerable Abba Ioseb of Alaverdi (†570)

Memory 15 (28) September Blessed Abba Ioseb of Alaverdi was a disciple and companion of St. Ioane of Zedazeni, who in the 6th century arrived in Georgia with twelve Syrian ascetics to spread the Christian Faith. With the blessing of his teacher, Fr. Ioseb settled in the village of Alaverdi in eastern Georgia. According to … [Read more…]