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24th of December. All Saints of Georgia

Memory 11 (24) December

In our earnest exploration of Georgia’s rich history and the sacred narratives of its hagiographical tradition, we are deeply moved by the radiant splendor of Heavenly Georgia. This divine realm is adorned with a multitude of saints, whose voices unite in eternal praise of the Lord.

The precise number of souls who, through valiant struggle against the adversaries of Christ or through austere asceticism, have cleansed their souls remains known only to the Divine. Among them are countless ascetics, whose humble labors, though obscured by time, have profoundly influenced the destiny of the Georgian Church and its people.

As conveyed by St. Giorgi of the Holy Mountain, “Since recognizing the one true God, we have remained steadfast, never forsaking Him, nor yielding to the snares of heresy.”

Echoing this sentiment, the decree of the Church Council of Ruisi-Urbnisi resounds: “We shall not forsake thee, O Catholic Church, from whose womb we have emerged in sanctity. Nor shall we betray thee, our beloved Orthodoxy, to whom we have remained faithful. Indeed, it is our honor to bear witness to the Truth Itself!”

This unwavering commitment to Orthodoxy serves as the cornerstone of every Georgian believer’s life.

The multitude of saints, whose noble deeds transcend earthly limitations, cannot be fully enumerated. Hence, on December 11th, we commemorate not only those whose lives are known to us but also the countless others, nearly three hundred in number, whose names alone have been preserved.

Indeed, many Georgian souls bear the name of a saint commemorated on this sacred day, entreating their intercession before the throne of the Almighty.

O Holy Martyrs, Venerable Fathers and Mothers, who have ascended from the earthly Church to the Heavenly Kingdom, pray unceasingly to God on our behalf!

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