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28th of January. Saints Salome of Ujarma and Perozhavra of Sivnia (4th century)

28th of January.

Saints Salome of Ujarma and Perozhavra of Sivnia (4th century)

Saints Salome of Ujarma and Perozhavra of Sivnia (4th century)


On the 15th (28th) of January, we honor the memory of Saints Salome of Ujarma and Perozhavra of Sivnia, cherished companions of St. Nino, the Enlightener of Georgia. These noble women were not only the helpers but also the closest confidants of St. Nino, who, through her divine grace, led them to embrace the Christian Faith.

Salome, the wife of Revi, son of King Mirian, and Perozhavra, wedded to the ruler of Kartli, both held esteemed positions as queens. Despite their regal status, they humbly served St. Nino, following her teachings devoutly while fulfilling their imperial duties. Under the guidance of St. Nino, they dedicated themselves to prayer, fasting, and charitable deeds, thereby contributing significantly to the propagation of the Christian message.

Following the conversion of Kartli, Saint Salome, under the guidance of St. Nino and by the decree of King Mirian, erected a cross in Ujarma, Kakheti. When St. Nino fell ill in Bodbe, Salome and Perozhavra, standing by her bedside, were overwhelmed with grief at the thought of bidding farewell to their beloved spiritual mentor and healer. Imploring St. Nino for guidance in her final moments, they beseeched her to reveal the secrets of her divine mission and to instruct them on continuing her noble work. In response, St. Nino shared with them the details of her life and mission, which they faithfully documented in The Life of St. Nino, Enlightener of Georgia.

The Apostolic Orthodox Church of Georgia venerates Saints Salome and Perozhavra on January 15th, honoring their steadfast devotion and invaluable contributions to the spread of Christianity in Georgia.

O Holy Saints Salome and Perozhavra, standing in the presence of Christ our King and God, intercede for us and grant us your mercy and salvation!


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