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01 January. Venerable Giorgi the Scribe and His Brother Saba, of Khakhuli (11th century)

Venerable Giorgi the Scribe and His Brother Saba, of Khakhuli (11th century)

On December 19th (January 1st), we commemorate the memory of Saints Giorgi and Saba of Khakhuli, who were brothers of Iakob, the father of St. Giorgi of the Holy Mountain. These devout monks resided at Khakhuli Monastery in southern Georgia.

Blessed with divine grace, the elder brother, Giorgi, served as a spiritual advisor in the court of King Bagrat III Kuropalates. Alongside the king, he actively contributed to the production of ecclesiastical literature during the Golden Age of Georgian Letters. His younger brother, Saba, was esteemed as a righteous and blameless man, endowed with both spiritual blessings and material wealth.

When they learned of the piety of their nephew, the young Giorgi (later known as St. Giorgi of the Holy Mountain), they joyfully urged Iakob to bring him to Khakhuli in Klarjeti. With great gladness, Iakob heeded their counsel and entrusted his son to the God-fearing brothers.

At the request of Peris Jojikisdze, a nobleman in governance, St. Giorgi was chosen to serve as a spiritual guide at his palace. Reluctantly, St. Giorgi accepted the responsibility, overseeing both spiritual and earthly matters.

Accompanied by the young Giorgi of the Holy Mountain, St. Giorgi journeyed to the palace. However, following false accusations made by the Byzantine Emperor Basil II, Peris faced execution, and his wife, along with St. Giorgi and the young Giorgi, were captured and taken to Constantinople.

After twelve years of captivity, they were finally allowed to return home. Upon their return, Giorgi of Khakhuli entrusted his nephew to the care of his brother Saba at Khakhuli Monastery.

The holy brothers, Giorgi and Saba, peacefully departed from this world in the mid-11th century, leaving behind a legacy of unity in both flesh and spirit. O Holy Brothers Giorgi and Saba, intercede for us before God!

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