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2nd of June. Venerable Zabulon and Sosana, Parents of the Equal-to-the-Apostles Nino (4th century)

Venerable Zabulon and Sosana, Parents of the Equal-to-the-Apostles Nino (4th century)

Venerable Zabulon and Sosana

Memory 20 May (2 June)


Holy Tradition holds that St. Nino and the Great-martyr George were related by blood. Concurrently with St. George’s martyrdom, a nobleman named Zabulon from Cappadocia arrived in Rome. Joining the emperor’s army, Zabulon quickly gained fame as a brave cavalryman and distinguished soldier. In a battle against the Franks, Zabulon was victorious, capturing their king and his entourage and presenting them to the Roman emperor. Although sentenced to death, the captives wished to be baptized into the Christian Faith. Zabulon, becoming their godfather, successfully pleaded for their release by the emperor after their baptism, leading to the mass conversion of the Franks to Christianity.

A Georgian hymn from the 9th century praises, “Zabulon converted Gaul with his sword, while blessed Nino brought Georgia to the Faith with the Life-giving Cross.” Later, Zabulon went on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, donating his wealth to the poor and serving under Patriarch Juvenal, where he married Juvenal’s sister, Sosana. The couple returned to Cappadocia and had a daughter, Nino, who was brought up in devout service to God and the needy.

Upon reaching twelve, Nino and her parents moved to Jerusalem. With the Patriarch’s blessing, Zabulon embraced monastic life in seclusion, and Sosana dedicated her life to serving the less fortunate. On December 10, 1996, the Georgian Orthodox Church canonized Zabulon and Sosana, parents of St. Nino, as confessors for their profound faith and conversion efforts during times of widespread paganism and Christian persecution.

May the prayers of Sts. Zabulon and Sosana, shining lights of the Georgian Church, bring blessings from the Most Holy Trinity to all who seek their intercession with faith and love.

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