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10th of August. Venerable Giorgi of Mt. Athos, the Builder (†1029)

On the sacred day of August 10th, we honor the venerable Giorgi the Builder, who held the esteemed position of the third abbot at the hallowed Iveron Monastery atop the majestic Mount Athos. Some accounts suggest that he was a nephew of the revered St. Ioane, the founder, and inaugural abbot of the Iveron Monastery.

Giorgi ascended to the rank of abbot following the departure of St. Ekvtime, who embarked on a pilgrimage to the holy city of Jerusalem. Under Giorgi’s divine guidance, the magnificent church dedicated to the Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos was erected. An inscription gracing the church’s wall stands as a testament: “I established these columns, and they shall remain unshaken for all eternity. Monk Giorgi the Georgian, Builder.”

Throughout most of his earthly journey, Abbot Giorgi was held in the highest esteem and even revered within the imperial court of Byzantium. However, the shadows of slander and accusations of treason eventually clouded his path. Consequently, he was banished to the remote island of Monovatia, where he peacefully departed this world in the year 1029.

During the rule of Emperor Michael, Georgians were returned into the monastery, and a period of peaceful prayer resumed.

Body of Abbot Giorgi was returned to Iveron Monastery from Monovatia.



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