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15th of December. Saint Ise of Tsilkani (6th century)

Saint Ise of Tsilkani (6th century)

Commemoration on December 2 (15)

During the 6th century, Saint Ise of Tsilkani journeyed to Georgia alongside other Syrian fathers and companions of Saint Ioane of Zedazeni.

Upon the recommendation of Saint Ioane of Zedazeni, Catholicos Evlavios of Kartli ordained Saint Ise as bishop of Tsilkani. Tirelessly, the holy father traversed his diocese, fervently proclaiming the Gospel of Christ. He performed miracles of healing, cleansing lepers, exorcising demons, and even restoring the bedridden to health, moving from city to city, valley to mountain, guided by his compassionate shepherd’s heart.

With the blessing of his mentor, Saint Ioane of Zedazeni, Saint Ise once performed a remarkable miracle to strengthen the people’s faith. Approaching the Ksani River, followed by Saint Ioane and a multitude of believers, he commanded the river to reverse its flow in the name of Jesus Christ. Miraculously, the river obeyed, flowing backward to Tsilkani Church, leaving witnesses from Mtskheta and Tsilkani in awe of Christ’s power.

When the Lord revealed the day of his departure to Saint Ise, he gathered his disciples and church servants, imparted his blessings, partook of the Holy Mysteries, and peacefully surrendered his spirit to God, uttering the words, “Lord, into Thy hands I commit my spirit!”

Saint Ise of Tsilkani rests in the Tsilkani Church of the Most Holy Theotokos, his radiant preaching continuing to illuminate the hearts of the faithful. O Holy Hierarch Ise, intercede for us before Christ, beseeching forgiveness for those who honor your memory with reverence!


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