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25th of December. Holy Martyr Ioane, Abbot of Zedazeni Monastery (9th century)

Holy Martyr Ioane, Abbot of Zedazeni Monastery (9th century)

Memory 12 (25) December

The Life of the revered martyr Ioane, Abbot of Zedazeni Monastery, unfortunately, has not been preserved for posterity. However, the annals commemorating “the names of the holy fathers who reposed at Zedazeni Monastery after Ioane of Zedazeni,” meticulously documented by Catholicos Arsen II, shed light on the fate of Abbot Ioane. According to these records, Abbot Ioane met a tragic end, being “murdered at Zedazeni by Muslims” during the 9th century.

In his steadfast dedication to holy service, Abbot Ioane found enlightenment through Christ Jesus, earning for himself a celestial crown in the heavens. As a martyr, he stands as a shining star in the firmament of faith, interceding on behalf of those who seek his guidance and protection. O Holy Martyr Ioane, may your prayers be heard, and may you extend your merciful blessings upon us in our time of need.

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